The Family that Sails Together, Stays Together

I am a water lover. I am not sure if that’s because astrologically I was born under a water sign, or if it’s because my family of origin had me on the water before I could walk. I don’t particularly like being in the water…but I love being on the water. I grew up spending my summer weekends crammed onto a 30 foot wooden sloop called Merope with my parents, my bother and usually the dog. We sailed Vineyard Sound visiting every where we could get to in a weekend, Nantucket or Cuttyhunk reserved for the long weekends…because it took so long to get there, as we weathered many family storms…both the weather kind, the faulty planning kind and the emotionally stressed kind. “The family that sails together, stays together” Was my dad’s mantra.

That’s my bother at the helm when he was like 6.
That’s my bother at the helm when he was like 6.

Our family still boats together…Merope still belongs in the family, although she is looking for a new home now. So if you know of anyone interested in loving a 30 foot wooden sloop…please send me an e-mail. She is a part of the family and needs a good home to sail with. My dad now has 2 Lymans,my brother has a Hereschoff (pictured below)
and a racing boat, and I just picked up an O’Day Day Sailer–Skywlker.

Hopefully, I will spend some time with my dad learning how to actually sail this summer. We shall see if I like captaining the vessel, as opposed to being a well trained passenger who enjoys taking photos of the surrounding scenery. What I have found, is that it is very difficult to take pictures of your own boat while it is under sail or power….so I take pictures of others peoples boats constantly….something about the beauty of a well kept boat in its element just appeals to my sense of peace and tranquility.