Workshops & Classes

Offering a variety of stress and health related classes and workshops to a wide selection of people.  Specialty classes available for your group.

Current Ongoing Classes

Yoga for the Unbendable Person  (drop in rate $17.00–preregistration rate $15.00/class)
Monday mornings, 10am-11:15 am  (women only)

at The Sanctuary in Barnstable Village


Yoga for the Unbendable Person (drop in rate $12/class–pre registration $10/class)

at the USA Kung Fu Academy Plant Road in Hyannis

Private or semi-private yoga sessions in my home studio

rates start at $30

Call to set up your personalized yoga sessions.  Designed around your needs and time frame.

Unscheduled/Upcoming Classes

Relaxation Shavasana Yoga (class $5)

Restorative Yoga with Stephanie
Very gentle yoga class focusing on releasing back and neck tension. Great for people with injuries or with limited mobility, or for people just wanting to relax. 

Yoga by Appointment
Would you like to do yoga on your schedule? Set a time that works for you (or a group of friends); tailored yoga classes are available by appointment, with very reasonable rates. Classes can be held in your home, on your schedule–  Classes start at $60/class

Heat Retreat

Settle into some deep heat to restore, relax and revitalize your body.  Classes are limited to 4 people so we can truly experience and explore the benefits of heat on your body. Learn how to bring deep spa style relaxation heat techniques into your home. This workshop lasts about 2 hours and is run in the winter/spring months only.  It is deeply relaxing and restorative and includes a guided meditation while cocooned in an envelope of deep warmth–allowing your whole body to sink into a state of bliss.