Building Physical Strength

Standing Tall on the Edge of the Earth

There are many ways to claim your power–but I am going to talk today about claiming your power physically.

IMG_5105-730x410So lately, whenever I have caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, or a photograph, or just looking down while teaching a yoga class, or trying on clothes as I whittle away at my closets (always trying to minimalize–ever the multi- tasker) I have noticed that I am for the first time ever somewhat ashamed of my body.    Well maybe not the first time ever, but the first acknowledged body shame….I have just been covering it up with clothing…but as I become more comfortable with myself and where I want to be I find I want to wear nicer clothes, that say something about who I am or who I want to become…and those additional bulges are not what I have in mind when I visualize my future self.

Somehow over this past weekend–starting with the Halloween decor, and then the EFT, I have decided it is time to reclaim my power…on all levels.  I am choosing to focus on the physical at the moment b/c it is the easiest to quantify and the changes are visual and immediately rewarding.  Basically, I made myself do 6 bicycles yesterday, 3 frog sit ups and focus on standing in my feet while on my feet.  I know, this is not exactly much–but it made me feel good.  I did something towards making my body a more acceptable place to hang out in.  I will do something more today–a little bit every day will eventually win the race.  remember the turtle?

Here is how I see it–our brains and our bodies work on neural pathways, blood pathways, food pathways, everything in our bodies pretty much works the same way everytime.  So, if we want to create some outward change in our life–like becoming the powerful person you really are deep down inside–we need to create room, or new pathways for that creature to emerge and grow into…creating those new pathways can be hard because we are all totally creatures of habit–so by doing a little bit every day we start to change those habits–we start to physically change those pathways in our bodies that direct who and what we are–we start to become what we want to become.

and as a daily reward–we start to feel better about ourselves.  I mean really, who would have thought that doing like 9 sit ups and walking purposefully would make a big difference in how I felt–but it did.  I felt stronger and more powerful–more able to make better decisions for myself and gain some clarity into what I want to do and who I really am.  Not that I went out and changed the world yesterday–but I felt better about myself and my clients & students noticed it.  My internal experience–made a difference in the external world–and in others peoples lives.  That is HUGE!!!!

and that is what I have been looking for, for a really long time!  so one way to reclaim that inner power–your inner beauty, your inner light–your god given talents and the reason you are here in this world at this time experiencing your unique life, is to build your physical strength–this could be a 20 mile run for some or a simple 6 sit ups and 3 push ups, a walk to the mailbox, a walk around the block, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, dancing in the house, parking in the farthest spot instead of the closest, whatever it is for you–get into your body, feel your body and do something with it.  Move it! Move it–every day do something that develops your inner strength in a physical way!  I think you will be very happy with how it makes you feel–that little inner glow starts to happen…and when that happens you take on a whole different energy vibration–and that’s when change can happen.