2015 – Our Greatest Good

My intention for the new year is loosely summed up by “My Greatest Good” .  Basically I am going to try to allow my greatest good into my life in 2015.  I am also extending this intention out to my friends, family and clients.  “Our Greatest Good”

I have tried specific resolutions in the past–for example I will quit smoking, I will quit drinking, I will eat better, I will network more–these resolutions while beneficial for my overall well being have never stuck,  So I tried being more specific–I will eat more beans, I will only smoke 5 cigarettes a day, I will go to 1 networking group per month, these stuck for a while but were never long lasting.  So last year my resolution was to focus on building my business….vague but easily memorable and allowed me to have a focus for the year.  I found this was a bit more useful for me…a simple focus for the year was more productive than a specific task…I found I could use this focus for multiple different aspects of my business and it opened up some creative outlets and unknown opportunities– in the end my business was more successful in 2014 than it has ever been.

So this year, I have decided to use that concept of a general focus to help in a specific manner.  Basically utilizing a strategic plan to help direct my day to day tactical plans.  In order to be successful at anything, we need to have an overall view of where we are going….what our long range goal is.  How we get there can be left up to the day to day issues that arise–but in the end we are always headed in the right general direction.  Its like a long car ride–if we plan a long drive say to California from Boston for instance–we know this is going to take a while and we have multiple ways of reaching our destination.  We can allow for each day to determine how far we get on our path–we can allow time for side treks to go see the worlds largest ball of string for example or to take a hike thru the woods to see a waterfall–the journey being the interesting part not the destination–we will eventually make it to California as long as we consistently head west.  So on the journey towards our greatest good we can allow for side journeys to see our friends, to spend time with family, to spend time in nature etc..as long as every day we are heading in the same general direction of “our greatest good” we will attain that goal.

This is manner of travel is somewhat opposed to our cultures directive to strive for your goals with clear focus allowing for no distractions….no pain no gain and all that…But I have found, that my personality rebels against that sort of progress.  I like to spend time “smelling the roses”.  I like to spend time doing things I enjoy–things that bring me peace.  So I am in a sort of constant battle with myself to be productive and goal driven as opposed to taking the time to enjoy the beauty of life….

In my work as a massage therapist, yoga instructor and health coach–my intention for every client is “may this class, massage, teaching be for their greatest good”.  I do not have the ability to know what my clients need–I can not read minds and while I may think they need to release tension in a specific body part–they may be holding onto that tension for a very valid reason..who am I to judge? …I see myself as a conduit for their greatest good, I am just trying to create the atmosphere that allows them to experience their greatest good–whatever that may be.

I have expanded this concept out into my parenting–even though my son and I are still on very shaky ground after the last few years, I have allowed myself to release some of my need to control and to see him in the same light as I see my clients–I may not know his greatest good–but I know that is what I want for him…so I am trying to keep that same intention in all of my interactions together with him–“may this be for our greatest good”  again, I may not know what our greatest good is–but by allowing and creating the space for that greatest good, I figure it has a better chance of happening.  So far it seems to be helping–our relationship is better–although still ready to explode at any time…by allowing the explosions and seeing that as “his greatest good” I am better able to handle the ups and downs of our relationship.  For all I know–he needed to explode on me in order to effectively deal with the emotions–who am I to determine how his greatest good will manifest?

Therefore I have chosen 2015 to extend this concept out into my entire life–to allow the space for my greatest good.  How I do this and what my greatest good is– is still a mystery.  But I am starting by listening to my inner voice of wisdom and questioning my activities–asking myself constantly “is this in my greatest good?”.  I look for “signs” that tell me “yes” or “no”.  I have found that listening to my body is a pretty good indication of whether I am on the right path or not.  If my body feels peaceful and open than most likely I am doing good–if my body is tight and in pain then I need to be doing something different….I need to re evaluate my actions and determine why I am feeling the way I am feeling and how I can make my actions more aligned with my inner self and my goals.

In general I believe our bodies hold much wisdom…I feel that our physical body is actually our subconscious…if we allow the body its “voice” and we learn to listen to what our bodies are saying they will guide us to our greatest good…the voice of the divine, our souls voice, our intuition are all the same to me…and that voice comes up from deep within our body…not our minds….the better our relationship with our body the more easily we can contact our greatest good–to see it and allow it to manifest.

Sometimes these signs are more outwardly directed–as in a beautiful sunset, the perfect flower, a beautiful bird or the gleeful smile of a young child…I purposely look for beauty, joy and kindness in the world…I try my best to send kindness out into the world and I am actively experiencing gratitude on a daily basis–every little chance I get I send up a prayer of thanks for the beauty in life.

I also seek wisdom and truth in every thing I do during the day–if I am actively creating my reality–I want to actively create joy, wisdom and truth in my life…I nourish myself daily with good brain food, and I listen to the people who cross my path–words of wisdom come from many sources–and I can learn something every day from every person I meet.  It is up to me to find my greatest good in every experience I have.

Our greatest good–is a choice….seeing our greatest good is a choice.  So in 2015 I am choosing to allow my greatest good into my life and into the lives of those that I touch.

So that is my intent for 2015–I will listen to that small inner voice and allow my greatest good–no matter where it leads me….