Conditions + Equipment = Performance

So I was skiing a few weeks ago and had a mild little epiphany–equating the physical components of skiing with the emotional components of life.

Basically, I have just given up my old rear entry boots and older skis…I finally agreed with all my ski buddies that my equipment may be holding me back–so I rented new equipment and experienced a huge shift in my skiing experience–for the better. Who knew that a simple change in equipment would result in such a huge difference in my ability and confidence while on the slopes…I even ended up enjoying a trip down a double diamond!

This made me start to think–If I could enjoy a double diamond–something that heretofore I had written off as impossible for me–what else could I do? What limiing beliefs were holding me back elsewhere?

I can’t change the conditions on the slopes–ice, slush, cordoroy, clumpy, crowded etc…there was absolutely nothing I could do to change those circumstances–besides getting up at the crack of dawn and making first tracks–then I could at least guarantee cordoroy, fewer crowds and avoid late afternoon ice, clumps and crowds….

I ran with these two concepts: conditions and equipment–and extrapolated that into life in general

Conditions we can not change–so accept the conditions of life–Do what you can by planning ahead, avoiding people or situations that send you over the edge as much as you can…but in the end, some conditions we just cannot change.

Our equipment in this world consists of our bodies and our minds…we may not have much control over the shape of our bodies, or even some of our health issues—but we do have control over what we put into our bodies–the fuel we use to energize our bodies and minds…if we put in the best fuel we can, or bodies will operate a whole lot closer to optimal then if we feed it junk. If we get enough sleep and do something every day that makes us feel good we will be much closer to optimal..if we have meaning and purpose in our lives we will operate much closer to optimal…

So just like I discovered with skiing–if we update our equipment and learn to mitigate our conditions as much as possible–we will perform much better and who knows what limits we will find we are capable of blowing right thru!