Relax it forward

The concept of relaxing it forward came to me a few weeks ago…basically relax it forward means that you do something small every day to help you relax….the more little things you can do on any given day helps build up your stress resilience.

Look at your body like a bank account…everything we put in or take out is a debit or credit. The good things we do for ourselves can be symbolized by little blue stars or credits, the bad things we do or have happen to us can be symbolized by red squares. For instance, eating your favorite ice cream cone while truly enjoying the sensations of the experience would earn you a blue star. That same ice cream cone eaten out of habit with no particular attention paid to it, would earn you a red square. If you see the blue stars and the red squares as offsetting each other equally, then you are in complete balance. If you have more blue stars than red squares you are happier and healthier, if you have more red squares that blue stars then you start to physically/emotionally/mentally hurt.

Our physical bodies are the reservoir of all our experiences…everything that happens to us happens to us physically, emotionally and mentally. These experiences are stored somewhere…the body seems to be the storage place for all our emotional experiences. So taking note of how our body feels will tell you what you have in your bank account of blue stars. If you are feeling pain, irritation, or stress then you probably have more red squares than blue stars….so how can you earn yourself some more blue stars to offset those red squares?

That is a very personal question…and each person will have different responses…but there are a few pretty common ones like

getting 8 hours of sleep every night, eating a salad for lunch instead of French fries, drinking water instead of soda, not listening to the news before bed, spending time with family, doing something you love etc….

So play a little game with yourself….how many blue stars can you earn on any given day? keep a log and just notice how you start to feel as you allow yourself to build up a reservoir of blue stars.