Finding Hope

I love to take pictures…I do not consider myself to be a photographer per se…but I love to play with the lens and try to capture what beauty I see in the world. I like to play with composition, but I have no real interest in the details or the behind the scenes image manipulation that is available today in the digital world.

IMG_4982I learned to use an SLR back in the days of film….I even worked at Ritz camera for a while to get a discount on developing and film. I took a dark room class and learned how to develop black and white photos…then out came the digital camera. go figure…

In any event, I still love to tote my big digital camera around with me when I am on vacation or away. I am learning to use my new spiffy smart phone to take pictures daily, and have even started an instagram account and posting photos on facebook and eventually maybe I will figure out the art of the photo quote and start really utilizing my pinterest boards to express myself.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some of my images with you…not so much to get kudos on the images but more to show you how I got myself from the depths of depression to enjoying life again. I leaned hard on friends and family, but more importantly I leaned on god, or the universe, or creation or what ever you want to call the milieu in which we exist.

I spent my time searching out what I considered to be beautiful and good and really paid attention to what did cause me to smile, or feel peace. I decided that it was ok, that I was sad and depressed…I had been thru hell and it didn’t seem to be ending, so I accepted that as my reality and decided to pay attention to what did make me feel good…no matter what it was. And then, once realizing what made me feel good, I determined to seek more of it out and to start to weed out the stuff that didn’t make me feel good.

Obviously we are stuck with some things that don’t make us feel good for the immediate future but when we can actively seek out those things that make us feel good, our entire perspective changes and we start to look forward to events, or outings, or experiences again. Hope is born again.

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