Day on the Water

I believe I have mentioned that I find JOY on the water. Be it the beach or boat. So this year we bought ourselves a little fixer upper, a 1967 O’Day DaySailor– a look alike is posted below, as I cannot very well take a photo of my own boat underway while I am on her.

In any event, I spent yesterday out on the water and loved every moment of it. I am choosing to share my photos of the day, because I also love to take photos of others peoples boats and houses. I think one of the reasons I love to be on the water is the beauty that surrounds you all over. People build beautiful waterfront homes and beach houses, other people design, build and operate beautiful boats and you can’t beat the natural beauty of the landscape. All that beauty just makes me heave a huge sigh of relief as I leave my thoughts behind and settle into the moment — truly experiencing the sensations of being afloat.


I am hoping that these images will inspire you to go out and find your JOY–record it and share it with others. As we spread JOY and gratitude, I believe we add to the beauty and goodness of the world. As we experience JOY and gratitude we bring goodness into our own lives.

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