Becoming Organized in a non structured environment

I took a hiatus from blogging this summer, mostly because I was playing with Instagram and Pinterest, and trying to get my business systems up and running. Summer is also my busiest time of year for actual clients and classes. But I am proud to say that I managed a really awesome work life balance over this past summer of 2015.

I spent a few choice weekends in Maine with family, We actually got the boat in the water and went out sailing a total of 12 times, I made it out to Sandy Neck only once, but what a fabulous day it was…Fourth of July fireworks and all. I won tickets to the Pops by the Sea at one of the tables and had a great evening. I made it down to 3 festivals on the green, and had a ball at my first farmers market every Friday afternoon. I also managed to hold 1 more yoga class than usual, and had a good summer income from regular and new clients. I also started working on a new website and have finally implemented a new business strategy and am offering workshops and classes with retreats in the works. And in a surprise moment learned that I love to hula hoop and have a whole new fun way to exercise!

On reflecting on how I accomplished that, since so far my fall has been pretty hectic, I have come to the conclusion that my planner was my best friend this summer. It worked so well, in fact, that I figured I didn’t need it anymore….and my nice balance fell to pieces rather quickly and I became a stressed out mess in no time. So, moral of the story…as much as I hate structure I do better within some sort of framework.

So I am returning to my Sunday Summits, and working with my planner on a weekly and daily basis to get back into a balanced non frazzled place. Since reimplementing my planner basics I have found the time to make it to all my sons football games, see clients, work a part time job, get my office set up, get my house under control, and create the time for strategic marketing, volunteer to do a newsletter for a local non profit and agree to raise some money for another non profit….all while still including time for fun and family. I have also found the time to start my newest project, which is to find every other helpful healer on the Cape to hopefully be able to work with to create the most awesome Stress Therapy retreats possible, while making up a helpful directory for everyone to use to find qualified healers and therapists on the Cape. More on that later. I am also reinventing my blog for easier surfing….

So for those of you out there, who feel your life is out of control…do you have a planner? do you use your planner? do you make time every week for the things that are important to you, that revitalize you so you can be more productive in your work time so you can have more play time? If you amswered no to any of these questions…I humbly suggest you look into a good planner…one that has a space for priorities, projects, to dos and of course daily tasks….and then once a week,(I call it my Sunday Summit–it makes me feel important) sit down open your planner and work with it…become friends with your planner–not just a passing acquaintance–but become your planners BFF. And just see what kinds of results you get….if after 1 month you still feel out of control and frazzled….you may have a bigger issue at hand….be willing to use yourself as a guinea pig and become the mad scientist of your own life! and start creating away.

Happy Planning

I think you will be as impressed with yourself as I am with myself.