I just looked up and realized that it is like pitch black outside….The dark time of the year is here.

I love the summer, I love the light, I love the warmth.

I used to really hate this time of year…when it starts getting cold and dark–but over time I have chosen to try to get over that. After all hating half the year, was not great for my personal well being and stress levels.

So I have tried to change my perspective on the fall and winter, by making different choices about how I spend the time at this time of the year. So now, instead of dreading and hating the cold months and wishing I lived somewhere warm year round…I have purposely done the following things to make it better for me.

  1. First and foremost I bought a woodstove. I absolutely LOVE it! I love the warmth it puts out, I love seeing the fire, I love being in my living room and having it be over 80 on a cold blustery rainy or snowy day! and best of all….it costs me under $400/year to heat my house, to the temperature I choose. HOT, HOT, HOT! in fact, when I close it down for the spring and summer, I am actually a little bummed.
  2. Since my own personal dark days I have chosen to seek beauty each and every day. Fall in New England is absolutely gorgeous. The colors of the trees is just incredible, the fall flowers are still blooming, the leaves are a riot of color, the skies are crisp and blue. Just plain gorgeous. So drinking in the beauty that surrounds me, at this time of the year helps sustain me thru the long cold winters.
  3. My business slows way down in the late fall and winter. Thankfully, because it allows me the time to focus on me and my business. Spending time caring for both. I now look forward to this time of year, so I can review everything I have done over the warmer months and see what worked, what didn’t, and plan for the future. Both for myself and my business–Kind of like a gardener looking at harvest logs, seed catalogs and planning next years garden bounty.
  4. Eating seasonally. I love soups, stews, breads, root veggies and pumpkin seeds. I have the time to plan better meals and do some slow cooking. I have roasted pumpkin seeds, made pumpkin breads and muffins, and found all my favorite winter recipes. The house fills with fabulous smells of tasty food and my crock pots get a work out. To quote Penzeys Spice“Heal the Earth, Cook Dinner Tonight” (if you don’t already, subscribe to their catalog–great recipes and reasonably priced, great quality spices)
  5. As we head into the deep winter, I am looking forward to spending time on the slopes with my son. I joined a ski club this season and am looking forward to all that will entail. I am also planning a trip to Florida to visit my parents in March, and possibly a road trip to look at southern schools with my son in December.So yes, I am learning to embrace this dark time of year…and all because I chose to make a few small changes in my perspective and life style. Taking the time to realize what I hated about this time of year, acknowledging and accepting my feelings and then finding ways to make it better for me. We can do this with any aspect of our life. Turning the Darkness to Light….or at least a more bearable dark experience.What do you think? If you are like me, and are experiencing a bit of darkness…what small changes can you do to make it better for yourself?


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