Relax if Forward- Possums and Relaxation

ok..ok..I know, what the heck could possums have to do with my state of relaxation…..

Here’s the deal with Possums…They eat Ticks…like lots of ticks…those same ticks that carry Lymes disease…So if you live here on Cape Cod, where Lymes disease seems to be vying with Cancer for the top health affliction of us residents…this is a huge prevention break through.

Possums not only eat ticks…they will eat grubs, bugs, fruits….basically whatever they can get their tick eating little hands on. And this affects you how?…well I suggest keeping our local possums happy and let’s create possum friendly backyards.

I just recently learned about the tick eating possum. We have had possums in our backyard for the last 15 years…who knew they ate ticks? I never made the connection between our tick free backyard and he possums that call it their home. But my dogs and cats and kids never…and I mean never got a tick from playing in our backyard. They would get them every where else…but not our back yard. So, I would say that this information is not only accurate but rather useful in relieving some of our day to day stress.

I know some people get super stressed when they find a tick on themselves or the family or their pets….so lets practice a bit of proactive stress relief and keep our possum friends happy.

Lucky for us, this is not too difficult….just start a compost pile–veggies only please….pick a back corner of your yard to dump all your veggie scraps into, your weeds, the potatoes you forgot about and have begun to sprout, the apples you saved a bit to long….basically any and all of these things are great possum foods…at least they are in my yard….I also happen to have a couple of grape vines that I share with the possums….

Now I can hear you know…ugh–gross…I don’t want possums in my yard! The are ugly and might have rabies. Heres the deal…possums are resistant to rabies! Yes, they may be a bit on the ugly side…but remember they eat ticks, grubs and all kinds of other gross critters that are way uglier then possums. Besides the uglier they are, the less likely you are to try to pet them…they are still wild animals and will defend themselves…so make your backyard possum friendly but not a petting zoo….do not feed them directly, do not approach them, just leave them alone and let them be…to keep your yard tick free and yourself Lyme free! Yay for the Possum!