Skin Care Made Easy

IMG_4320Winter Skin Dryness Got You Down & Itchy?


  I feel your pain–but I have some creative solutions that pretty much any one who eats or bathes can employ to help combat winters dryness and a fabulous new skin care treatment that I am offering at a super discounted rate to start off the spring season with soft supple skin you will absolutely delight in!
but first–What to Eat
Best foods for happy healthy skin–in no particular order after the first three
1.  Lots of green leafy vegetables–things like Kale & Spinach the greener and darker the better
2.  Lots of fresh fruit–mangoes, berries, anything that is full of all natural flavor and color
3.  Lots of fresh clean water–yep–those 64 ounces a day go a long way
Once you get those three down you will be well on your way to overall fabulous health and glowing happy skin– add even more beautifying nutritious foods to your diet will certainly not hurt and will add an overall general health and vibrancy to your whole being.
More foods great for your skin:
Farm fresh eggs–the yellower the yolk the better for you and your skin
Farm Fresh whole milk and dairy foods–yes milk fat from grass fed cows is great for your skin
Go Nutty–Almonds, Walnuts, Macadamias to name a few
Fish–sardines, mackerel, herring, and wild caught salmon
Seeds-flax seed–ground or whole added to yogurt and salads
Green Tea–when you get tired of plain water-switch to green tea–an antioxidant bonanza
Brown Rice–great for over all skin health
After Shower/Bath Moisturizers
Coconut Oil–my go to–solid at room temperature, but quickly melts at skin temperatures and is easily absorbed by the skin nourishing it from the outside in.
Jojoba Oil-this is the only oil I use for massage as I feel it is simply the best out there for skin health as well as superior glide. leaves skin soft and moisturized.
Shea Butter–another solid at room temperature substance but simply fabulous for the skin–the dryer the better for shea butter.
Macadamia Oil–new to me oil-but I am loving it–similar to jojoba in its style, but the best for maturing skin.