Mineral Water, Dehydration and You

Natural Mineral Water--Maine

Rushing water–tinged red with high iron content–found on a hike in West Forks Maine during the summer of 2013


We all know we are supposed to be drinking a bunch of water a day–8 glasses they say….or for a more tangible number, because glasses can be small or big, take your weight in pounds and divide by two….for example: 160lbs=80oz of water per day– or in more visual terms–a glass of wine in a restaurant generally holds about 5 or 6 oz…a pint of beer 16oz….so I should be drinking about 70oz of water a day–or 4.3 pints of water/day…. that’s A LOT of water for me….

So I am trying to creatively increase my water consumption.

I read somewhere a while ago (and no it wasn’t on the internet) that basically we die of dehydration….when we are born we are some 85% water and when we die, of old age or disease, we are around 70%…I don’t know how true this is, I haven’t fact checked that, but it makes sense to me…as I get older, I am finding my skin is way dryer than it used to be, my joints a bit more crackly, my fingernails less strong etc…I also drink way less water then I did as a youngster.  Most of my older clients have dry skin, sore joints, and poor fingernails– while my young ones do not….so it’s not just me that is drying out as I get older.

The solution?…more water in the diet, but how…I really do not like plain old water…given the option I will drink pretty much anything else but water.  I am not a huge herbal tea drinker either…..thankfully I don’t drink a bunch of soda or coffee either, both of which are big dehydrators!  so what to do?

My solution–Mineral Water–yep, the expensive, snooty carbonated water found in glass bottles.  (I try for glass to avoid the chemicals that can leach from the plastic into the water itself)  Even this water, I don’t care for plain, although it is better than plain flat water–but I will frequently mix it in with juice or cocktails, and my mom will use it to make wine spritzers. (so for each 5oz of wine she drinks, she is drinking 5oz of water–way to go Mom–not only is she cutting her calories in half she is actively combating the dehydrating effects of alcohol!!)  I suppose you could use plain old sparkling water, but I choose mineral water because–well because of the mineral content.



Most of us are wandering around not only dehydrated but lacking essential minerals, so this kills two birds with one stone.  Multi tasking yoga off the mat is how I see it–I know, I know, I can feel the Ancient Yogi Sages rolling in their graves at my Americanized version of yoga…but seriously–why not multitask when you can. When it is not actually interfering with your ability to function at peak I think it is totally acceptable to multi task.  But I digress….

Back to Mineral deficiencies.  Minerals are used in our bodies to help catalyze chemical reactions, improving system functions, increasing health and homeostasis amongst many other important things.  When our bodies have everything they need to work, it helps us live life– because we aren’t physically stressed on top of being life stressed.  Our bodies aren’t depressed, anxious, or panicked when they are fully hydrated, have all the necessary vitamins and minerals, protein, carbs, fats etc…when we provide our bodies with what they need to function…they will do just that–function.  Sorta like pure refined gas vs. that ethanol infused crap that we get now for our boat engines.  Old style gas gives the engines everything they need to function at peak–carrying us thru the water smoothly–ethanol gas does not give boat engines everything they need and we sputter along building up crud on important filters and pumps…resulting in poor performance.

So-what important minerals do we get from mineral water and why is that good?

Calcium for bones (strength)

Magnesium for nerves (function), muscles (softening), mood (calming)

There are many other trace minerals in mineral waters and the content of any given mineral is different depending on the spring it comes from…so I can’t give you any hard and fast rules here, but you get what you pay for–so spring for the higher quality more expensive brands….and sip away knowing that you are doing great things to your body.

The more little things we can do on a daily basis for our overall health, the better our bodies will function.  And I think we can all agree that better functioning bodies is something to strive for!  Small, systematic changes will create impressive results, more so than, large, random acts of healthy behavior….so sweat the small stuff when it comes to your body and do little things consistently to create long term health.


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