Infused Water & Your Health

Berry Infused Water

Berry Infused Water

So sticking with the hydration theme…I am continuing my quest for tasty ways to enjoy drinking more water in my life.

This week I have been playing with water infusions…way easy and really quite tasty…..Since raspberries and blackberries were looking good this week at the store and knowing that they are loaded with antioxidants–which help our bodies fend off disease causing free radicals, I opted to try a berry infused water.

OMG! Wicked tasty! I simply washed the berries, placed in a pitcher, filled with water (I used water from the dispenser as opposed to the tap) covered and let sit for 2 days in the fridge….I quickly drank thru 1 pitcher and then refilled, added a few more berries and let sit again.

I figure I increased my water consumption by about a gallon this week by drinking infused water –and never once did I feel like I was forcing myself to drink it. I also added some mineral water a few times, just to get some sparkle and flavor…like my own homemade soda! Without all the increased sugar, colorings and caffeine. It was refreshing and delicious!

Now for the far out, woo woo, portion of this weeks post….I “blessed” my water while making it, while pouring it and when drinking it. By blessed I mean I sent it positive thoughts….I sent things like “I love you” “Thank you” and “nothing like ice cold water….” whatever crossed my mind at the time.

Why would I admit this to anyone? Because studies have shown that by thinking positive thoughts about your water–it actually changes its molecular shape and becomes beautiful. Dr. Emoto has spent most of his adult life studying the effects of positive and negative thoughts on water crystals and taking photos of the differences.

Here are some photos of Dr. Masura Emoto’s work…his book The Hidden Messages in Water” gives way more information on technique and case studies, and I would highly recommend it to any one who is even slightly interested in how our thoughts effect our environment.

From Dr. Emoto's Work

From Dr. Emoto’s Work


So seriously, after looking at these photos, how could you NOT bless your water?  The way I see this, the more water we drink and the better, the happier or prettier our water is, the happier and prettier our cells will be….and the better our body will function.

I also extrapolate this into the larger picture….if monks doing a meditation can change the water crystals of an entire lake, then we as individuals can change our bodies and the bodies of others.  If we are 80% water and we send ourselves or others bad thoughts…what is happening to our water in our bodies???  If we send ourselves or others positive thoughts what happens to our water?  So–do your part to keep ourselves, your loved ones and even others healthy, happy and whole by sending positive thoughts–your cells will thank you!

For my readers out there who cook or create beverages for others…sending some love, gratitude, compassion etc…into the food and drink you create for others will also help spread the good vibes!  Your own little ripple of good things for your family and humanity…and god knows–given the current state of affairs–the least we can do is spread the love as frequently and as innocuously as possible.  The world needs our love.

I, for one, will be offering infused blessed water to all of my clients, once I get my new space up and running…

But back to this weeks water infusions– I figure in true multi tasking yoga off the mat style–I have managed to increase my water consumption, get more anti oxidants and happier healthier prettier water molecules this week–yes!  Three birds, one stone!  woo hoo!!!  and most importantly–my body feels great!

Are you in?  Try to make your own water infusions and let me know how it goes for you…I would love to hear your reports and recipes….so comment below!

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