Standing in Your Power

Standing tall and proud despite the incoming fog

Standing tall and proud despite the incoming fog

Strength of Character & Strength of Body

We are all born with wonderful fabulous strong supple bodies. It is our birthright to have beautiful bodies that move when we want them to move and be still when necessary. We control our every movement….and our stillness.

Being settled and present in your body is a wonderful sensation of peace and power.

Standing proud and flaunting those bright colors

Standing proud and flaunting those bright colors

There is no one way to become familiar with your body, but there are many ways to become comfortable in your own skin, to relish your strength and power.  You are already on the right path–you take yoga, most of you are pretty active, and you read my posts to enhance your yoga off the mat experience–so pat yourselves on the back–you are way ahead of the game.

Most of us live in our bodies every day but we don’t pay any attention to the wonderful “beings” we are….we are totally unaware of how our habitual movements effect how our bodies behave. We get angry at our bodies when they don’t perform how we would like them to perform…we somehow think our bodies are separate from ourselves….

Rising above the fray

Rising above the fray and reaching for the sky

Here is the secret–our bodies are one big continuum of energy from the solid body to the thinking mind to the ephemeral spirit…it is all just gradiations of the same material. We are not separate from our bodies in this lifetime….

Embrace your body, love your body and send it good vibes! It is the most important thing you will ever own, indeed it is the only thing you actually own…if you didn’t have your body where would you reside?

Yes, I do believe in the afterlife, I do think our spirits survive even when our bodies die….but for the sake of this post, I am focusing on the here and now. You are alive…you live in your body…I want to teach you how to enjoy that experience, every day!

So from here on out, in class I will be focusing on building your personal power and strength along with creating the flexibility needed to truly enjoy your body!  The more strength and flexibility you have in your physical body the more strength and flexibility you will have to move through your world with grace and gratitude.

A bit windblown--but still standing tall

A bit windblown–but still standing tall

The stronger you are in mind, body and spirit the more enjoyment you will get out of this time we have on earth…in the whole scheme of things, .it is but a fleeting moment–so lets learn to enjoy it-all of it.

Even during those dark times of trial and tribulation, cause we all know, life is not just a walk in the park– your personal power and strength will aid you in overcoming your challenges–I am not saying it will be easy or pleasant but you won’t lose yourself or your sense of belonging.

Twisted and turned from all that's happened--yet standing tall

Twisted and turned from all that’s happened–yet standing tall

all this just from being present in your body (breath) and learning to move it in ways that build strength and power and flexibility…rather than mindlessly moving in habitual patterns that can create stress and tension.

Yay!!! Totally excited moving forward!!! (it helps that the sun is out and the weather is warm, the flowers are blooming and the trees are leafing!)

Enjoy the day, every day!

ps–if you guys could help me out and leave a comment–I would like some feedback on how the comment section works, is it easy?  and how do I get notified on my end?  all that back end stuff–that I haven’t a clue about but need to learn…Thanks 🙂


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