Namaste– Off The Mat


My favorite translation for Namaste is a simple yet powerfully honoring salutation.

 “The divine within me, honors the divine within you”.

Think about that for a that simple statement resides a pretty intense concept with a large potential ripple effect, that could literally, change the world.  To begin with–it acknowledges the divine spark within each of us…basically stating that a piece of the divine resides in each and every one of us…every single person on this planet has a piece of God within them., ourselves included.

allow that to sink in for a moment….if God resides in every single one of us….how we treat ourselves and others is an an example of how we treat God….physically, emotionally, and mentally…how we treat others is a reflection of how we treat the divine in our lives.  Do we honor it and let it flow outward or do we ignore it or hold it all balled up inside.

Remember that song from Joan Osborne “What if God was one of us?–just a stranger on the bus–trying to make his way home”….or the driver in the car in front of you–or the clerk at the check out counter–or the waitstaff that catered to your table at the restaurant last night–or maybe even the neighbor/-in-law/co-worker/client/student etc… that drives you nuts every day.

Church in the trees

In observing myself and others in a variety of circumstances over the last few years I have found a large amount of non-namasteness in the world.  I think this is because most people do not believe that every other person out there is a reflection of God…including ourselves…It seems that most people are involved in their own dramas, devices and distractions to the exclusion of anyone else in their path….how many times do you see people totally ignoring the check out clerk while chatting on their phone….or honking their horns at the people in front of them, or flipping them off because they aren’t driving the “right” way?  Or simply not listening to their spouse or child when they speak.  I mean really, If God spoke to you–would you be chatting on your phone and ignoring the presence of God? I think not.

This condition of non Namasteness is quite rampant–and kind of disturbing.  So I am taking it upon myself to try to change the world–by Namasteing every single person I meet and greet every day.  Be the change you want to see in the world right?

Speaking of Ghandi–I have heard that in India people greet each other with hands in prayer position, bow and say Namaste….now, I have never been to India so I dunno if its true or not…but the concept of a whole culture…millions and millions of people Namasteing each other is just awesome!!!!  Can you imagine the change of culture, attitude and happiness that would create on a world wide level?  I am seeing Nirvana here or something quite close to it. 🙂


Now as I write that–it occurs to me that I may have never been to India, but I have seen it on TV…and I seem to remember a fair amount of seeming chaos going on with no outward indications of namaste….not to mention their caste system, the hordes of  poor and sick at Mothers Theresas center and the slums that are just awe inspiringly deplorable to the western eye….so I guess its not all a Nirvana paradise despite the supposed frequent namasteing going on–but still, if the base belief of the country is Namaste….the ripple effect of that has got to be momentous–no wonder there are so many gurus, sages, monks and enlightened ones in India…can it be a coincidence?  I think not.

I encourage each and every one of you to bring a bit of Namaste into your lives on a daily basis….mentally imagine a heartfelt bow and a Namaste to every person you interact with, and just see what happens?  If we are indeed made in gods image and wandering around with bits of god within us…lets honor that fact and see what happens?  Even the most obnoxious person has a bit of the divine within them..they may not know it, and they certainly may not act on it…but we can believe it,  and Namaste them anyway.   We all know positive reinforcement is way more effective than negative, so energetically acknowledging their divine presence may make all the difference.  If nothing else, it will make you feel better–not because you are more enlightened or anything, but because you are being offered the opportunity to be kind and express the divine within you….are you going to take advantage of that opportunity?

Knowing that you made the best of an opportunity to share compassion will make you feel better….no matter the outcome, you will know, that you expressed the divine service of LOVE and compassion. (and that will release a bunch of those feel good happy chemicals in the brain and body–allowing you to start to develop a stronger pathway or groove towards natural happiness, joy and contentment–YAY for you!!!)

Turning inward–Namaste  allows yourself to feel the divine presence within you…to acknowledge that you too are divine…treat yourself accordingly…be kind to yourself, have compassion for your self and your presumed faults….none of us are perfect–yes, we are bits of divine energy in human form, but we are wandering around in biological bodies, and our divineness is  constrained by our biology–we are at the mercy of our physical bodies and how they function.  But we have the ability to allow the divine within us to shine–it is a choice we can make…


I choose to allow the divine in me to flow out–as much as I possibly can, but if I am sleep deprived, hung over, sick or feeling pain I find it very difficult and I resort to allowing my emotions to guide my responses to those around me.  I can get into that entitled or distracted space as well, where it takes a lot of work to stop my immediate response and allow myself to acknowledge that god resides in that person and honor the divine within them, as I honor the divine within me.  The better I feel, the easier it is to namaste the world….treating myself as a temple of god by eating well, getting enough sleep etc…allows me to happily and joyfully namaste myself and others.

That person who just snapped at me may be exhibiting obnoxiousness simply to allow me the opportunity to choose whether I will be obnoxious, angry or snippy back or if I will allow my own inner divineness to shine thru and meet angst with love and compassion.

It is a choice I get to make frequently, and every time I feel better if I can honor their divine being rather than respond, in kind, to their human distraction or drama.


Just sayin’  Try it out for a day–see how it makes you feel….I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing how Namaste can change your life and the lives of every single person around you!

Namaste my friends 🙂


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