The Nuisance of Negativity

Looking at the World

Slinging more negativity out into the world does not help anyone and it certainly does not make the world a better place.

How Your Yoga off the Mat can Change the World

I generally go thru the world, trying to be a positive person….it is not always easy….but with a little bit of thought, I can conjure up way worse scenarios than what is happening to me on any given day.  Obviously this is not always going to be an option…there are some days that bad shit just happens, I mean really bad shit…that just throws you into the turmoil of emotional upheaval and loss.  In the light of those happenings…all you can do is hang on, breath thru the hell, and hope you get out before the devil knows you are there….

But for the purposes of this post I am going to talk about the regular run of the mill negativity we get exposed to every single freakin day and what, if anything, we can do to combat it.  Besides avoiding any and all Television.  This topic comes to mind because last Saturday, I was on Facebook– generally a pleasant experience, I see beautiful photos and inspiring sayings (I really only follow positive peeps), and the random rants or raves that are part of my tribes life are generally pretty humorous or thought provoking….on this particular day, my experience took a severe turn for the worst, every other posting was something negative, vindictive and attacking towards one or the other of our presidential candidates.  I was being bombarded with negative campaign ads on Facebook!!  Shares from friends and family of the tirades, name calling, mud slinging, and innuendos of the political elite and media establishment, all paid for by someones political campaign… disgust, I logged off Facebook, figuring that would be the end of it.

Alas–this was not to be.  Evidently, my psyche was so disgusted, it chose to process this disgust during my crystal bowl meditation a few hours later.  Seriously, I found myself aggravated all over again, in the middle of the meditation! So after a few futile attempts to “let it go” and concentrate on my breath–I was forced to face this aggravation head on. In the spirit of meditation I asked myself “why?”.  I was determined to figure out why what someone had posted on Facebook, that had nothing to do with me personally, was bubbling to the surface in the middle of a usually extremely rewarding and blissful meditation experience and ruining it.

Happy Daisy

I came up with a few reasons and they all made sense–but then I hit upon the “real” reason, the reason that was interfering with my meditation–Slinging more negativity out into the world does not help anyone and it certainly does not make the world a better place.

And that, my friends, was the crux of the matter for me–making the world a better place.  I had just uncovered one of my hidden core beliefs.  One that totally effects my view of the world and how I operate.  Behind the scenes and unbeknownst to me….I believe that we are all here to impact the world in a positive manner…not necessarily a huge manner, but a positive manner.  Is the world a better place because you lived in it?  In order to do that–sharing negativity can not be a part of your game plan. and when that belief is challenged by behavior that I find offensive, I feel off kilter and my meditations get ruined!  who knew…(after this epiphany, I was able to sink back into the crystal bowl meditation happily with no further interruptions from my psyche)

Since then, I have spent some time pondering this belief and I understand–intellectually, that not everyone has this base belief….and I have to learn to accept that on a heart level–so that it doesn’t mess up any future meditation experiences, but now that I know the issue…I can observe my reactions to negativity, understanding my belief bias and work with that. Awareness being the first step–right 🙂

In yoga, one of the mainstays of the 8 limbed path of Patanjali is “Satya” –a mindful usage of language. Language is our means of communicating with the outside world, sharing our feelings, dreams, desires, our self–it’s our main form of connection….it can be used positively to help build each other up and connect or as a weapon to be used to divide, destroy or degrade….Here’s the best thing about it–How we choose to use the gift of language is totally and completely up to each one of us.

At every single moment in life–you have the option to contribute and share negativity or to contribute and share positivity.  I am not talking about a false sense of positive…a saccharine sweetness that leaves everything in its wake with a bad taste in its mouth, but a genuine desire to make the world better by refraining from speaking/sharing harmful words, sharing negative thoughts/stories, beating some else up or putting them down….

Our language and the use of our language can make all the difference in the world….choose positivity over negativity….every time, to make your points and you will be doing the world a huge favor!  I am sure we have all, at one time or another, been exposed to someone who is constantly negative.  It drains our energy and sends a pall over the whole day.  Then when we see someone who is cheerful…its like a breath of fresh air…rejuvenating our spirit.

Seek Beauty

Increasing the amount of positivity in the world would not be a bad thing…we seriously need to start off setting the barrage of negativity.  It’s a conscious thing you can do every day to increase the vibration of our world….ask yourselves before you speak “Is this helpful or harmful?”…the ripple effects are endless–or the butterfly effect or what ever it is you want to call it…You CAN change the world for the better!

I for one choose to avoid the negativity, and to try to open up the way for positive discourse on solutions….lets move beyond the negative campaign ads, the negative side effects, the negative media bias, and the incessant call to blame…and move into positive responsibility for our own well being and the well being of those we connect with.

And that, my friends is something worth fighting for!  Be the breath of fresh air, the voice of optimism, and see the glass as half full–or at the very least– refillable….it will do wonders for your state of mind and body all while making a positive contribution to the world at large.

How cool is that?



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