Yin Yoga and You


I just spent a fabulous weekend in Wiscasset Maine at the Wicked Good Yoga Studio learning how to teach Yin Yoga with Amy & Mel–both of whom are incredibly talented and caring yoga teachers. ¬†The full immersion weekend has left me with tons of new information and skills for teaching you–my fabulous yoginis ūüôā

I am totally excited about offering Yin Yoga to you guys. ¬†Since Yin, the way I want to teach it, requires a fair amount of bolsters I will only be teaching this at my home studio for the near future. ¬†My in home studio is quiet, secluded and small, with tons and tons of supportive bolsters and props…I can only fit one or two students at a time. ¬†For you guys, this means you will have the opportunity to experience a yoga class designed specifically for you and your specific needs. ¬†How cool is that???


So what is Yin Yoga? ¬†Yin Yoga historically comes from Taoist yoga practices utilized for years by martial arts experts to help them increase flexibility. ¬†Modern Yin is a combination of both Hatha yoga and Taoist yoga–with poses designed to improve the flow of Chi that runs thru the meridians in Chinese medicine. ¬†(yes, I am finally taking the time to learn a bit more about Traditional Chinese Medicine)

I absolutely love the names the Chinese gave to the meridians–way cooler and more informative than our translation. ¬†Example: ¬†The Liver Meridian aka The Chief of Staff, the Kidney Meridian aka Minister of Power.

Standing proud and flaunting those bright colors

Standing proud and flaunting those bright colors

Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of yoga (no power poses here) with poses held for long periods of time (5 minutes or more).  These poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissue in the body.  Those of you that have been in my classes, know how important that connective tissue really is!

This sustained pressure on the connective tissue helps you, the practitioner, to break up long held tensions and restrictions that are totally affecting your posture and health while stimulating all your major meridians which will assist your organ health, immunity and general sense of well being.

So seriously…I expect to see all of you signing up for your private yin yoga sessions to check this out in your own bodies!


The best part–as far as I am concerned….is that you can practice Yin as either a restorative practice or a more intense practice to seriously increase your flexibility and more importantly your ability to hang out in the discomfort of your edge.

Which totally allows you to expand and improve your ability to cope with whatever the world chooses to toss your way. ¬†Seriously–once you hang out in your discomfort for a good long time and then relish in the release–you begin to embody the ability to experience that in your life as well..knowing full well that whatever is happening is going to pass, you will be tested and pushed to your edge, but you will know that it will end and you will once again be frolicking in comfort again.

It builds your stamina to handle life–physically, emotionally and spiritually.

From a purely physical perspective a regular yin practice will increase the circulation in your joints (think juicy joints!) and increase your flexibility…stretching thru your tendons, fascia and ligaments–those areas that are prone to injury–and take forever to heal! ¬†Particularly as you get older, over stretch a tendon or ligament and you will be in pain for a few months…think about the last time you sprained or strained something….not only did it take forever to feel better, as soon as it did, you tweaked it again and the next thing you know you were back where you started. Grrrrr……


On the restorative side–OMG–talk about bliss….The ability to get into a pose with the support of bolsters and just relax into that pose for long periods of time. ¬†Those of you who have experienced ¬†my Heat Retreats, have had a sense of this sensation. ¬†Fully supported relaxation which allows your body and mind to soften in it’s own sweet time– to slowly and gently to release thru your tight spots. ¬†It is one of the most fabulous things you can give to your body…The ultimate honoring of your body, mind and spirit.

So yes, I am a little excited about this whole Yin Yoga thing…..and I want to share it with all of you…..so here is the deal. ¬†I am offering introductory private/semi private sessions just for you guys–

Each session will be about 90 minutes….an hour of Yin followed by a ¬†Yoga Nidra session (Yoga Nidra= Shavasana on steroids) ¬†I am charging a mere $50 for the session–for either one or two peeps. ¬†So bring a friend and split the cost.

Totally looking forward to sharing this awesome practice with you!  Call Today to reserve your time.  508-776-2114




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