2017 The New Year The New You



My Intentional Theme for 2017:   Nourishment-the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

I intend to nourish myself, to the best of my ability.   My personal goal starts with making myself healthy, nourished and loved–from the inside out.

Those of you that have been parents, or pet owners or even plant owners know the effects of nourishment on those that we love. We see our charges flourish and thrive with a bit of nourishment…I want to see what happens if I take nourishment onto my mat and into my whole life. I intend to nourish my relationships, myself, my plants, my pets, my novel, my work, my clients, my bank account,, my home and basically everything I do or have will be infused with the intention of nourishing.

As I pondered the last few years of resolutions, I determined that simpler was better. Gratitude for 2014 worked out great, and I managed to make practicing gratitude a daily effort/habit in my world that still carries over to today. I consider that a successful resolution. 2016–I went for The Greatest Good….and I think that was a little vague and not nearly as successful. Keep it Simple Sweetheart.
I have found that the concept of themes as opposed to resolutions works better for me, and leaves a lot less room for failure. My attempt at a resolution was back in 2013 to “eat more beans” because they are good for me, was a flop. I simply do not like beans, so it fell apart after a few weeks,so by the end of January I had dispensed with my resolution.

Themes on the other hand….give you a lot more flexibility and freedom….avoiding that whole failure thing, there is always something you can do every day and even if you don’t…you have a whole year to work on it. Here are a few examples that I have toyed with or thought about: gratitude, self love, nourishment, breathing, shoulders down, relaxation, seeking beauty, being in nature, self care….the point is to find something you can work towards consistently, in all aspects of your life….something that makes you feel good and can be done easily, and eventually becomes a natural part of your life.

For me, so far nourishment has consisted of sleeping as much as I need, eating a healthy dinner every night, eating breakfast every day, practicing yoga or tai chi daily, clearing clutter as it arises, following my dream, enjoying my new fuzzy steering wheel cover with gratitude and glee, practicing gratitude, switching from cigarettes to toothpicks at least 1x / day,  getting a massage or taking a class, drink 1 less beer a day, going skiing –the point is I have tons of things I can do every day to nourish myself and others–so I can pick and choose.  I don’t necessarily get all these done every day, but every day I can do SOMETHING to nourish myself. That way I can avoid the pit of negative self talk and experience of failure and eventually quitting.

It worked for gratitude, it worked for breath, so why not nourishment?

I will keep you posted as I go thru the year.

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