Falling Fast

I know, it has been forever since I last reached out to everyone via this blog.  Sorry– and I must admit to not being very nourishing over the past few months–to myself or my readers.

So I thought about hiding the fact and trying to come up with some nourishing stories, recipes or ideals…but that’s just not right…so I am admitting to neglecting my goal for 2017…the question is, do I just let it go or do I hop back on the nourishment horse?  I have decided that I shall be hopping back on….-so knowing full well, if I don’t start today, I will keep putting it off..I am starting by writing this post and acknowledging my fall (thats the first step right?).

I have looked at why I fell off the nourishment bandwagon, and the first excuse that comes to mind, is “I was too busy” while that may be true..its still pretty lame.  If I have the time to play I have the time to take care of myself–right?  I still haven’t really figured out why–but, I have decided that it some ways it doesn’t really matter, I am choosing to simply acknowledge my error and move forward– Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and just start again.

So–to that end, I am committing, once again, to monthly blog posts and daily self care.  I am looking forward to this fall, since it is a natural time for me to reevaluate and make self corrections.  I am honestly looking forward to cooler weather, if only because I can fire over my wood stove and turn my attention inward and homeward.

At the risk of sounding totally negative…in looking back since my last post, I haven’t been completely neglectful.  Maybe I didn’t really backslide so much, as tread water all summer.  We had some major household changes since my last post, we actually bought our house (talk about stress), my 20 year old son moved back home (again stress), my husband had a heart attack (he is fine now, but holy crap–STRESS!)), we got rid of a poor tenant and found a new one after redoing the apartment, I took a new part time job–twice–but only kept one.  And (most importantly)I have managed to start researching my novel.  So as I reread this–I see that I actually maybe did ok this summer and wasn’t as neglectful as I originally thought.

I would still say I treaded water–but given the major changes and subsequent stress, I think I have handled it fairly well–I didn’t have too many meltdowns and I did notice this summer when I needed to take a break and take care of myself and I suppose most importantly I did what I needed to do to be able to take care of everything.

So that being the case–it’s still time to get my proverbial crap together and up my game and try to not only do everything that needs to be done but to go a bit above and beyond every day to nourish myself, my family, and my business.  Even if its only taking the time to deep breath, practice yoga or tai chi, or give positive feedback to my loved ones.

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