LockDown 2020


Easter Weekend—Beltane—Passover—Spring—

All new beginnings rise out of what came before—the old and the new blend and co create something never seen before.

The earth and her inhabitants, indeed the entire cosmos, is always in a state of perpetual change—nothing stays the same, ever.  It may stay the same for a while, what seems forever to our short lifespans, but in reality—stasis is death—we are on a planet that is deeply involved with life, therefore it is in constant flux.

The hysteria about this being unprecedented times, and the end of the world as we know it, is at the same time completely true and completely false—every day is an unprecedented day and every hour can be the end of the world as we know it.

At the moment we are being controlled by fear and misinformation and finance.  When you stand back and look at the big picture, we have been controlled by fear, misinformation and finance since the beginning of known human civilization. 

So how is this unprecedented?  Every aspect of what we are experiencing has been experienced on earth before—plagues, martial law, market meltdowns and subsequent comebacks—never hurting the market makers or the marketplace—but ruining the shopkeepers and consumers.

We have lived in a hierarchal paradigm of strife and struggle, rules and regulations, technological breakthrus and the globalization of mankind. 

Interestingly enough we have landed at the time of the shift into a new age—The precession of the equinoxes has continued unchanged since the creation of earth 4.5 billion years ago.  As we make our way around the sun the earth has a slight wobble in its tilt that changes our viewpoint on the surrounding stars—the entire cycle takes approx. 26,000—called the Great Year.  This great year is broken up into 12 “months”  each month lasting some 2000 years…we are entering January again—It is the time of the New Great Year–leaving the month of Pisces and entering the month of Aquarius…our zodiac runs aquarius to pisces—but the precession of the equinoxes runs backwards—so we are leaving the beginning of Pisces and entering the end of Aquarius—I am sure there is meaning in that, I just haven’t researched that part of this experience yet.  Basically we are moving backwards in space, yet forward in time while stuck in the rut of our perceived orbit.

So as we enter these aforementioned unprecedented times we are also entering a new age—now the dates of the shift is not known—but I think its safe to say we are in the cusp of this shift if not already into the Age of Aquarius—back in Greek times, a mathematician changed the way we determine the precession timeline, so depending on whether you follow the more ancient visual calculation or the more “modern” mathematical calculation—depends on when the shift actually happens—I tend to go for the more gradualistic approach—it just seems more natural to me..the line between edges is blurry the more you look into it—so we are in the blurred line in between the two—in astrological terms—the Cusp.  We are experiencing the energy of the past 2000 years blending with the energy of the next 2000 years—and we aren’t exactly sure what the future will bring.

I haven’t really ever been fixated on astrology—I understand that it is the giant energetic playpen we operate in, its rules so ubiquitous that we don’t even realize the water we swim in.  the currents that swirl on a large scale are mostly masked by the turbulence we create on the small scale.  As an analogy—do you think the shark is aware of the larger gulf stream that carries him north to feast on the seals of Cape Cod or is he only aware of the small eddys that surround him as he is pushed north searching for food?

From what little I know of astrology, here is the over view—Pisces is a water sign, the duality of forwards and backwards—Aquarius is an air sign—intellectual idealism and individuality while knowing we are part of the whole—globally where one goes, we all go.  Prior to the Age of Pisces we were in the Age of Aries—that’s when we as a whole developed laws and rules—we the people followed the rules and laws during Aries, in Pisces, we started moving away from the rules and laws and into individualism—away from the static rules and laws imposed on us by religious and government leaders and into a more personal approach to life and spirituality.  In the Age of Aquarius we will move more into collective consciousness and globalism and ever expanding technology as we allow our consciousness, the force of air to expand outward into all corners of the globe, as we move ever backward in space and into the dominant paradigm of Aquarius. The opposite or shadow side of Aquarius is Leo—our connection with fire/passion—fire which comes from earth—passion that comes from our solar plexus and heart, our bodies.

So are we becoming more conscious at the expense of our inner fire or our connection with the biological intelligence of our beings…or does more air actually fan the flames of our inner fire?  I think it can go either way–Expanding our individual spirit while being fully aware of the ultimate connection of the global community.  Where one goes, we all go.

As we have seen in recent times, the global community is a risky arena for the human species when it comes to pandemics….or global recessions…or supply chains…or wars…or climate change–basically as we become global we become more cognizant of our interconnections and inter dependency…where one goes, we all go.

Bottom line in all this—I believe we need to recognize and become fully aware our individual fire/spirit/humanity/contribution as part of the whole.  The more we can fan our own spirit the more we can contribute to the whole….what does this mean in practical terms?

We need to become aware of the value of our body/mind/spirit, and learn to nourish ourselves so that we are not mere victims to the ever growing globalization/technocratic reality that will inevitably occur as we move forward/backwards and around our sun.

The Age of Aquarius is not the end all to be all, but merely another pattern or flow within the overall current of the cosmos.  We are not entering the gilded age, we are merely moving into the next phase of our evolution—the outcome is not pre determined—it is up to each of us individually to navigate the cosmic current and help nudge humanity towards higher and higher planes of evolution while learning to live ever more efficiently in our bodies in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of nature.  Without our bodies we would be nothing but spirit—spirit is powerful, but it needs to be materialized in order to create in the material dense matter of the cosmos….we are all part of the divine consciousness experiencing life in the physical plane —or in other words—allowing consciousness to experience the physical that has been created by consciousness.  Consciousness alone can not experience dense physical reality—it needs a vessel.  We are but one of its many vessels—experiencing both consciousness and physicality—a bridge between heaven/consciousness/connection with the divine and the earth/physical reality.

What does this mean on a geo political scale?  Again, not being an expert, my observation is that we are heading into more dominant ideologies—and as these ideologies gain momentum, the physical is along for the ride….the solution? I am not entirely sure but it seems to be knowing who you are and where you stand in relation to the real world….the real world doesn’t live in the black and white of ideology—the real world is shades of gray— we need to flame our spirit—connect to our ground—in order to live in the ever changing shades of gray as they swing right and left of intellectual dogma—ever seeking balance between the two.  This is duality —physical vs. consciuous, right vs left, light vs dark….

Duality is singular—both halves of the same thing—the dark side of the moon the light side of the moon—its all the moon—just different manifestations of the same entity.

We know on one level that it is simply impossible for us to take care of every human on the planet in our current milieu—but is it possible for us to create a civilization that creates an atmosphere/culture that allows every induvial human to take care of themselves so that they can participate in creating the culture that allows every human to take care of themselves? A positive feedback loop towards ever greater human potential?

I think that is the best possible end game for the Age of Aquarius….using our intellect to create an environment in which every human being (body/mind/soul) is regarded as an equal part of the whole and an equal part of the divine—creating a society that embraces the individual, while that individual does its best to benefit the society and the earth as a whole….

Not boxing us into group ideologies but embracing the unique perspective our individual experiences bring to our own ideologies….deep knowledge of where we came from, who we really are and then maybe figuring out why we are here. A deep connection with the collective unconscious/spirit/divine nature that pervades our cosmos—while at the same time embracing/enhancing our human nature—while doing no harm to ourselves, others or any other living/non living representation of the great spirit that created all we know.

We all came from the same big bang—we all came from the same divine source we call God…The question is how do we get from here to there?

I have no clue—but every fiber of my being says it has something to do with honoring the connection we all have, the bridge that we are, between heaven and earth—we are biological beings infused with the spirit of heaven…as such, lets treat our bodies with the respect they deserve to allow the well of divine consciousness to flow—directing our intellects towards higher levels of being as we move ever forward into change.

Lets move away from blind ideological identification and into ourselves—love and respect our whole selves and our bodies so we can truly love and respect everything else….once we get to that point, I think we will see a shift towards true maturation of our species.  However, the only way we can even begin to truly love and respect our whole selves is to delve into who our whole selves really are….individually we need to explore our true divine nature so that we contribute our whole divine selves to the this enterprise of collective globalization.  Embrace our individual power to create a better whole. The closer we align with divine goals and earthly needs the better our society will be for all involved.  Working together at the height of our individual power we can create a society that allows for individual expression and global advancement of the entire earth.

That may take a few generations—we don’t live very long—a mere 75-100 years….material change is slow, evolution is slow, genetic mutations are slow, yet we insist on moving as fast as we can—we seem to be in complete opposition to the way things are….

How do we live longer, so we don’t have to be so frenetic and stretched for time?  We need to take care of our individual body/mind/spirit selves.  We need to nurture our selves and the planet we live on.  We need to clean up our messes and stop polluting the planet and ourselves.

We are not simply victims/consumers/sheep in the ever expanding globalization of humanity—we can be true co-creators and help create the world we would like to see.  Movers and shakers on a grand scale, as opposed to being asleep at the wheel and allowing a few to guide the many—we need to step up and let the many create a place for all of us.  But it must come from within—we have to acknowledge our connection with all that is, with each other, at the same time we need to nourish and explore our individuality in order to truly understand our place is the cosmos—start with the individual, then moving to the collective, than moving to the global then moving into the cosmos….when we understand who and what we are—we will be able to expand off the earth and into the cosmos—taking a place amongst the stars we were created from.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius—I say—Bring it On—delve deep into yourselves and discover who you really are, shadow and all—so you can proudly stand up as a human being doing your part to enhance our evolution.

The future I see is a humanity living in community without the need of the old hierarchal system we have been living under since we remember.  The only way we can achieve that, is if every individual is taught to feel our inner divinity and respect that divinity in all other living creatures—I can not envision the society, as I am too indoctrinated in the hierarchal structure—but I do know that we as humans are capable of living individual lives of connection, grace and peace—the more we can acknowledge that we are spirit…we are manifestations of god…and so is this planet and so is every other human on the planet—when we as humans can look at ourselves and look at others are divine beings worthy of unconditional love—then we can move beyond where our masters have us stuck today.

Beware the Big Banks—Beware Big Business—Beware Big Government—Beware Big Tech—Beware Big Health–are you getting the point?  Beware Big anything—

Support your local farmers, fisherman, restaurants, hardware stores, support your neighbors to build the community you desire to live in….teach your children that every life is precious and how to nurture every life form, not just shout it from the roof tops—we all know actions speak louder than words—so pipe down and start acting—when we can all start experiencing life from our heart centers we will be able to move beyond the hierarchies that bind us.