LockDown 2020

Musings Easter Weekend—Beltane—Passover—Spring— All new beginnings rise out of what came before—the old and the new blend and co create something never seen before. The earth and her inhabitants, indeed the entire cosmos, is always in a state of perpetual change—nothing stays the same, ever.  It may stay the same for a while, what seems forever to our short lifespans, … Read More

Hawaiian Missile Scare

Saturday, January 12, 2018 at 8:07 am a statewide warning went out to every citizen of the state of Hawaii–texts, radio and TV were used to spread the word of an incoming ballistic missile.  Assuming that said missile came from North Korea 4600 miles away from Hawaii…the residents of Hawaii would have between 12 and 20 minutes before that missile … Read More

Falling Fast

I know, it has been forever since I last reached out to everyone via this blog.  Sorry– and I must admit to not being very nourishing over the past few months–to myself or my readers. So I thought about hiding the fact and trying to come up with some nourishing stories, recipes or ideals…but that’s just not right…so I am … Read More

Salt Cave Meditation

Yesterday I had my very first experience meditating in a salt cave.  I was looking forward to the adventure and I dragged Frank along as a unsuspecting research participant. What is a salt cave meditation you ask?  Basically its a room filled with Himalayan salt, lounge chairs, piped in spa music and darkness.  This is one of the new rages … Read More

Visiting the Fountain of Youth

The original Fountain of Youth is located in North Port, Florida.  These mineral springs are the reason Florida was “discovered” on Easter Sunday in 1513.  De Leon was governor of Puerto Rico when he first heard the rumors of the fountain of youth.  He sailed to Charlotte harbor and began trekking inland, he was mortally wounded by some unfriendly Indians … Read More

Vacation — Nourishing Mind, Body & Spirit

  We finally made it to Florida, after having been delayed, cancelled, postponed and delayed again due to Stella.  I suppose safety is more important that timeliness, but it was a tough 2 day wait in Rhode Island.  Thankfully we were staying with old friends in Warwick, who had recently become owners of a fabulous new home with tons of … Read More

2017 The New Year The New You

    My Intentional Theme for 2017:   Nourishment-the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. I intend to nourish myself, to the best of my ability.   My personal goal starts with making myself healthy, nourished and loved–from the inside out. Those of you that have been parents, or pet owners or even plant owners … Read More

Yin Yoga and You

I just spent a fabulous weekend in Wiscasset Maine at the Wicked Good Yoga Studio learning how to teach Yin Yoga with Amy & Mel–both of whom are incredibly talented and caring yoga teachers.  The full immersion weekend has left me with tons of new information and skills for teaching you–my fabulous yoginis 🙂 I am totally excited about offering … Read More

The Nuisance of Negativity

Slinging more negativity out into the world does not help anyone and it certainly does not make the world a better place. How Your Yoga off the Mat can Change the World I generally go thru the world, trying to be a positive person….it is not always easy….but with a little bit of thought, I can conjure up way worse … Read More