Skin Care Made Easy

Winter Skin Dryness Got You Down & Itchy?     I feel your pain–but I have some creative solutions that pretty much any one who eats or bathes can employ to help combat winters dryness and a fabulous new skin care treatment that I am offering at a super discounted rate to start off the spring season with soft supple skin … Read More

Gratitude & Thanksgiving

I am practicing my use of Canva and creating photo quotes….and trying hard to be grateful and not to be frustrated with my lack of technological skills


If you are experiencing a little bit of darkness, what small changes can you do to make it better for yourself? Here are my stra

Stress Relief for the Non Yogi

Not ready to start meditating and doing yoga to reduce your stress, but you know you need to do something…some tips for yo

Day on the Water

Finding JOY on the water, my favorite place to be–experiencing “blue mind” and allowing the serotonin to flow with grace and

The Family that Sails Together, Stays Together

I am a water lover. I am not sure if that’s because astrologically I was born under a water sign, or if it’s because my family of origin had me on the water before I could walk. I don’t particularly like being in the water…but I love being on the water. I grew up spending my summer weekends crammed onto … Read More

Finding Hope

I love to take pictures…I do not consider myself to be a photographer per se…but I love to play with the lens and try to capture what beauty I see in the world.