Positional Therapy

This amazing therapy for recovery from chronic pain is gentle and works when many other approaches fail.  The results are immediate and often permanent, bringing effective relief to a wide variety of physical ailments caused by injury, stress, repetitive motion, postural distortion and chronic neuromuslcular conditions.

Through simple hands-on techniques, the bodies habitual holding pattern in a particular area is released.  This release is often followed by a dramatic reduction in pain.

This is a clothes-on therapy that takes a minimum of 90 minutes.

I use a mix of her extensive training in bodywork, massage, energy work, and spa experiences to create the most peaceful environment I can while addressing the needs of your body, mind and soul.  My goal is to soothe your frazzled nerves and muscles, allowing your whole self to drift into a state of bliss, healing mind, body and spirit.

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Massage Newbie?

Here are the general parameters for a massage with us.

  • Generally, one should be clean and should not eat just before a massage.
  • One should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol as they can affect the pain perception and result in damaged tissue.
  • Recommend that you drink at least 12 ounces of water following a massage and to avoid vigorous activity for at least an hour after any heat treatment.
  • During your massage your body will be covered at all times with only the area being treated exposed.
  • Undergarments may be worn if it helps you feel more comfortable.
  • Professional draping techniques will be used at all times to ensure your comfort and privacy.
  • If this is your first visit, plan on arriving 15 minutes early; I will ask you to complete a short intake form so the session can be tailored to your individual needs.

Depending on the session, you may feel tired or energized after the massage–this is normal.  If you have some deep tissue work done you may be sore after the massage and into the next day.  This is also normal.

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